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Carlos n' Martin's Tex-Mex Cantina and Bar -- Cayman Islands

Carlos n' Martin's Tex-Mex Cantina was forged out of a true love for Tex-Mex style food...

Genuinely founded on the principles of the Tex-ified Mexican cuisine, Carlos n' Martin's opened its doors in late 2009, determined to satisfy the Island's thirst for Tex-Mex that hadn't been quenched since DJ's Cantina closed several years prior.

With a small space and a big love for the popular style food, Shelby Carlos and Martin Bodden partnered in what has been affectionately referred to as the Island's margarita and taco bar... the partners sought to provide great food, excellent value and friendly service, which has proven a successful motto at the little vibrant, family-friendly Tex-Mex cantina.

The most popular and highest selling drink in the world is the Margarita... Ours is a right of passage... simply put we take the Margarita very seriously... our trademark is the "El Toro", but all of the 17 named Margaritas at Carlos n' Martin's are sure to please. Your vote is always encouraged so see our Facebook and Trip Advisor link on the home page to cast your vote for #1 of our 17 named Cuervo Margaritas!

So If you like atmosphere and great food, you will be right at home at Carlos n' Martin's Tex-Mex Cantina, where the dress is casual, the atmosphere authentic and the food is, in a word... delicioso!